Robin Brell (c. 1954 - Winter 2001) was a wizard, the husband of Honora Brell and the father of Freddy Brell. After the drixie attack on his town, Leavenworth, he was seriously injured and taken to the local healers. Robin died on the same day without making it to the healers. Many years later, his son became the first principal of Spilberg's Destiny School.


Robin was born to Henry and Emeraude Brell in America and was raised at home by his parents who taught him about the magical world and his powers. In his later life, he married a human-woman named Honora Welond with whom he had a son, Freddy.


Robin Brell died in Leavenworth, America, on Winter 2001.
On that day, his family went to the winter garden so his son will enjoy the place, but all of sudden a vast clan of drixies (dark pixies) attacked the town.
Honora and Robin tried to hide their son inside a hollow tree, but a few drixies noticed them and cursed a deadly spell on Nora, his wife, who died instantly.
Robin was seriously injured, but by the time he was brought to the healers with some survivors, he was already dead.