Paulina Lokovin (3 August 1913 - 1986) was a dark angel who married Evgeny Lokovin. The couple had two children: Ella Lokovin and Vlad Lokovin.


Paulina was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lokovin on 3 August 1913 in the dark world. One year later, she tried to escape the dark world and secretly cross the portal along with her parents. While she did not make it through the portal, her parents did. Paulina had no other choice but to remain in the dark world and wait for her parents to come back for her.

Paulina's parents could not go back, so they decided to stay and live in the normal world until they have an opportunity to open the portal again, and reunite with their daughter.

Five years later, Paulina's parents had their youngest daughter, Avelina, who was raised into believing that she is their savior.

On a sunny day in the summer of 1938, Avelina, with the help of her parents, succeeded in opening the gates to the dark world, and the darkness was freed, along with Paulina, who was already twenty-five years old.

The darkness won the war, and Paulina decided to move and start her own family. She met a dark angel, Evgeny (who adapted the Lokovin last name), and fell deeply in love with him. The couple had two children, Ella and Vlad Lokovin, who later had a main role in the Second Destiny generation.

In 1984, while Paulina was on her way to visit her sister, she was attacked and killed by a pure angel who recognized her as the "Sister of Death."

Personality and traits

Paulina wasn't as tough as her sister, she knew the benefits of life and a loving family, she loved her children more than she loved herself, but because of her strict upbringing, Paulina decided to raise her children the same way her parents raised her.


Paulina is Latin female name, meaning the little. Her name fits her well since she had a small part in the Destiny War.