Honora Brell (née Welond) (c. 1960 - Winter 2001) was a human, the wife of Robin Brell. She was also the mother of Freddy Brell.
When she went with her husband and her 7-year-old son, Freddy Brell, to the winter garden in their small town, she was attacked by a drixie and died instantly, while trying to protect her son.


Honora was born to Mr and Mrs Welond, two humans, on 1960. The family lived in Walldürn, Germany. On 1985, being 25, she moved to study in Leavenworth, America where she met her future husband, Robin Brell.
On 1990 Robin Brell and Honora Welond got married, and four years later, on April 9, 1994, they had their son, Freddy Brell.


Honora Brell died in Leavenworth's winter garden, Washington, America, on Winter 2001.
On that day, the family went to the winter garden so Freddy will enjoy the place, but all of sudden a huge clan of drixies attacked the town.
Honora and Robin tried to hide their son behind their backs, but few pixies noticed them and cursed a deadly spell on Nora, who died instantly.
Her husband, Robin, was seriously injured, but by the time he got to the healers with some survivors, he was already dead.