The Magical Forces Council (M.F.C.) is the main governing body of the magical community of Ireland and Europe with the intention of preservation of magical law. It connects the government to the wizarding world.

It is unknown where the head office is located, but people believe the head office is under water. The wizards who work there are keeping the location confidential. 

Only wizards can contact the head office in case of emergency (risk of death, attack, suspected murder and more) by using a spell which makes writing on water, as a letter to the office.

The magical minister of 2031 is Nicholas Rodriguez. During the First Destiny War, the council worked with the Fastlane school in an attempt to protect as many people as possible from the dark army. 


The Magical Forces Council was founded in 1802 by a group of young wizards who wanted an organization which will keep the wizarding race safe. The first minister was Lucretia Green.

Under Valentine Morgenstern

Few months before the Fastlane Attack, the Magical Forces Council was headed by Valentine Morgenstern. 

On 30 June 1938, the principal of Fastlane school, Leonardo Brell, contacted the Magical Forces Council after one of his students disappeared. A big group of Aurors used a portal to teleport to the school. They were looking for the student, Hannah Cumberidge for four hours, and later that day they found her body in the magical forest near the school.

After the body was found, the Aurors teleported back to the head office, but a couple hours later, the council got an alert about an attack at the Fastlane school. 

All the Aurors were on their way to Fastlane, using a teleportation portal spell. They helped students and parents to escape the dark army by creating portals for people who couldn't teleport and fought Lina Lokovin's creatures.

A lot of Aurors and wizards died that day, but some people managed to escape. The Magical Forces Council saved about 300 families.

The Auror Department

The Auror Department is the only one department except for the Minister's office.

The Auror Department serves as the headquarters of Aurors America and Ireland. It deals with the capture of Dark Witches and Wizards and deals with emergency accidents.

The job

An Auror's job is to hunt down and capture dark wizards and creatures. It is not uncommon for criminals to resist arrest; some choose to fight to the death rather than let themselves be captured. 


Since it is believed that the Magical Forces Council's head office is underwater, it may be argued that The Auror Department is also underwater. 

After the Fastlane Attack

In 1938, after the Fastlane Attack and the end of the First Destiny War, Danique Cooper became the minister of the Magical Forces Council.