Professor Leonardo Brell (c. 1880 - 30 June 1938) was the last principal of Fastlane School before it was closed. He was a pure-blood wizard, the son of Maurice and Estelle Brell. He was also the father of Henry Brell and the grandfather of Robin Brell.
Leonardo Brell served as principal in 1920s into 1938. It was under his control when the Fastlane Attack occurred. Leonardo Brell was killed on 30 June 1938, in the Fastlane attack by dark angels.


Leonardo Brell was born in 1880, and it is likely that he attended Fastlane School, being sorted at the age of fifteen. If so, he must have been sorted into either Prudens, Animosus or Fedelta.
If he went through his magical education at Fastlane, he would have graduated at the age of eighteen in 1898. What he's been doing after his graduation remains unknown, although Leonardo Brell seemed to have been held in high regard for his achievements, since he was eventually chosen and offered the job of being the principal of Fastlane, although it is unknown whether he ever took up a teaching post before this appointment.

As principal of Fastlane (1920-1938)

Leonardo Brell became the principal of Fastlane in the early 1920s.
He was is known as the most remembered principal of all times in Fastlane.


Leonardo Brell's term as principal ended on 30 June 1938, as a result of his death in the Fastlane Attack.
A week before the attack, a student named Arnial Hargrove, who is known for his visions of the future, asked Leonardo Brell for a meeting. Arnial Hargrove informed Brell about his visions, and later that week Leonardo was meeting with Arnial trying to understand what the visions mean.
On 30 June morning, Arnial Hargrove contacted Leonardo Brell who sent a group of people to look after a student who disappeared a few hours before. A few hours later, they found the student's body, Hannah Cumberidge.
Later that day, all the students, teachers, guests and seniors gathered in the Dimensional Hall for the graduation ceremony. Leonardo Brell started to read the speeches he prepared for the seniors. All of sudden, the lights in the room went out, and Leonardo used a spell to add candles so people won't worry.
A few moments later, an army of dark angels and dark creatures led by Avelina Lokovin.
It is unknown how exactly Leonardo Brell was killed, but it is conceivable that he was killed by a dark creature, leaving a son and wife.


"Leonardo" is a Portuguese name and in Portuguese it means lion-bold.