Heinrich Brell (c. 1926 - 1956) was a pure wizard, the son of Leonardo Brell and his wife, an older brother of his unborn sibling.
His father died in the Fastlane Attack when Henry was 12 years old, and so he was raised by his mother.
When he was 13 years old, his mother decided to leave Ireland, where everything reminded her of her loss, and move to America. In America, Henry went to a regular school. Henry lived there until his death from Polio, a viral disease.


Heinrich Brell was born in 1926, in Ireland to two wizards, Leonardo Brell and his wife. His father was the principal of one of the best and only schools for magic - the Fastlane school.
After his father's death in the war, his mother decided to leave Ireland and they both emigrated to America because at the time people in Europe believed that the situation in America is better and people have the chance to live a better life, far away from the dark creatures. It is known that Henry's mother also wanted to leave because of her loss.
In 1939, Henry Brell attended a regular school in America, while at home, his mother taught him spells and gave him knowledge about the magical world.
In 1944, when Henry was 18 years old, his mother was killed.
In 1951, Henry met his wife, Emeraude, and 3 years later their son, Robin Brell, was born.


In 1955, Henry got a disease called Polio, which is a viral disease that affects the nervous system, causing paralysis. In two years, Polio took 3987 lives, making Henry one of the lost lives.