Evgeny Lokovin (b. 01 February 1910 - 1993) was a dark angel and member of the noble Lokovin family. He was a student at 'Dark Angels Academy' while he was locked in the dark world.


Evgeny was born in 1910 in the dark world to two dark angels, and when he was twenty-eight years old Avelina Lokovin opened the gates, and Evgeny got freed.

When Avelina opened the gates, the first place Evgeny flew to was Russia. He didn't know that it was Russia or that the world was divided into countries, he just flew and landed eventually.

After the First Destiny War, Evgeny met Paulina Lokovin, married her and adapted her last name. The couple had two children: Ella, the eldest, in 1965, and Vladimir, the youngest child, in 1969.

He committed suicide in 1993, seven years after his wife was killed by a pure-angel


Evgeny is a common masculine given name that comes from the Greek eugenēs, "noble," literally "well-born," from, "well" and genos, "race, stock, kin."